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I’m going to stay your Hotel from 20th, August but want to know if your hotel are working normally or many of them are away from there due to the earthquake. Please let me know the situation now.

Dear Guest, Warm greetings from The Chandi Boutique Resort and Spa. I would like to update you on the current situation of our resort. The Chandi Boutique Resort and Spa suffered some minor damage due to the impact of the recent Earthquake in Lombok Utara on Sunday evening. Over the past few days my team and I have been working very hard to ensure that the resort is back to normal and assess any damage that resulted from this earthquake. I am pleased to inform you that we have majority of the resort back in working order and will subsequently open all business channels to ensure business is as usual. As mentioned above we suffered slight damage to some of our rooms and we will need to close these rooms down indefinetely and repair the damage that was suffered. In doing so there might be a slight possibility that some of the rooms that was previously booked may result in a different room category being allocated. In this case we will contact you individually shall this occur. Services

Can you just swim without staying overnight? How many tickets can I get?

Can ... go straight to ok location

What is the price for a restaurant both by the beach?

menu prices vary from 50 thousand rupiah ++ the price of drinks is also not too expensive ...

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